Interview Questions (Sample)

My Personal History



Personal Details

1. Name in full:

2. Age:

3. Date of birth: Day Month Year

4. Place of birth: Street: Town:

5. State: Country:

6. Name of Father:

7. Name of Mother:

8. Country of birth:

9. Occupation (now or former):

10. Number of children in the family:

11. Your place in the family:

12. Names of other family members and their order of birth:


13. What type of house did you live in? How many rooms? Did you share a room or a bed? Was there an indoor toilet, bathroom and laundry?

14. Describe something of your early life: (Games you played, rules and jobs you had at home as a young child).

15. What type of clothes did you wear when you were young?

16. Did you have pets?

17. What type of games did you play as a child?

18. Where did you go to school?

19. How long did you stay at school?

20. Can you tell me something about your schooling?

21. Did you enjoy being at school?

22. When did you leave school and why?

23. Did you do an apprenticeship or other training?

24. Give some details about your early work life.

25. What did you do outside work time: Sports, second job, spare time:

26. Did your family have a car?

27. When did you get your first car? What was it?

28. Did you marry?

29. What is your spouse’s name?

30. How did you meet?

31. Where did you get married?

32. How long have you been married?

33. Did you have children? How many and their names, please:

34. Where did you live as a young adult

35. Tell about this area and community:

36. Did your children stay at school longer than you did?

37. What changes have you noticed in life, over the years?

38. Do you think that life is better, worse or no different for young people today?

39. What things from your past life do you still do today?

40. What values do you think are important in life?

41. Do you think you had a good life? Explain that.

43. Can you tell me about some of the highlights of your life?

44. Do you think we should remember the past? Why?

Other questions you may wish to ask (list them here)