A History of Elwood




The Elwood Entity

The Traditional Owners

The Fever Ship

Rams and Roads

Recreation on the Hill and the Beach

War in Elwood

Early Settlers

Bushrangers in Elwood

From Swamp to Canal

Noxious Activities

Bluey and Curley

Early Buildings

Radio 3EF Elwood

Trams to the Rescue

Squizzy in Elwood

Shops and Community Services

Elwood's Little Napoleon

A Visit to Elwood Junction 1940s and 1950s

The Writer and the Artist

Flats, Flats and more Flats

The Architect of Elwood

Walking Tour of the Art Deco Apartments of Elwood

Poets Corner


The Admiral of Elwood

Elwood Timeline





This book could not have been published without the financial support of the Elwood Community Bank and the enthusiasm of its directors, in particular Liz Johnstone and Alistair Chisholm. The City of Port Phillip engaged consultants Heritage Alliance to review Elwood's heritage buildings during the writing of this book, a lucky coincidence that provided valuable information. Similar value was also provided but the three volumes on St Kilda's history previously published by St Kilda Council.1 The Art Deco Society generously have permission to include summary of their publication Elwood Walk. The Margins Memories and Markers project collated by Julie Shiels collected valuable memories of Elwood, some of which are included. In addition, St Kilda Historical Society ran an Elwood Elders Project to collect oral histories.

Many others contributed their ideas, knowledge and support including Amanda Palmer, Beverley Broadbent, Roger Palmer, Catherine Reiser, Michael Jennings, Kiy Barclay, Cliff Skinner, Helen Graham and many others to whom I am enormously grateful. A particular thanks to Ken Corbe, Robert Davis and

Robin Grow. A book of this size is only an introduction and further reading and sources are suggested at the end. My apologies to those that contributed but may not be acknowledged here.

Wherever possible copyright for illustrations has been acknowledged and we apologise for any omissions. We gratefully acknowledge the assistance of the Map Collection as well as the La Trobe Picture Collection of the State Library of Victoria. Also the University of Melbourne Art Collection. Contemporary photographs, unless otherwise acknowledged, are by Meyer Eidelson.



1 Volumes One & Two: Cooper, J.B., The History of St Kilda From Its First Selement to a City and Aer 1840-1930, Volumes I & 11, Printers Pty. Ltd., 1931. Volume Three: Longmire, Anne, St Kilda: The Show goes On: The History of St Kilda. Volume III, 1930 to July 1983. Hawthorn: N S Hudson Publishing, 1989.